Mar 102014

Sorry everyone, but it appears that some changes to how Folkets Lexikon supplies the data that The Lexikon uses means that it has stopped working for now. I am working on a fix which will hopefully be submitted to Apple by the end of the week.

Again, apologies and thank you to one of the users that informed me of the issue.

Jan 292014

Finally we’ve released a version of the Lexikon widget for iOS.

The Lexikon is your iOS portal to Folkets Lexikon, a continually updating online resource for translating between English and Swedish, located at Sweden’s prestigious Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). An ever-evolving resource of thousands upon thousands of words, complete with additional information such as plurals, conjugations and declensions.

Never be stuck for that translation again.

Get it for free at the iTunes App Store here.


If you have any issues then please don’t hesitate to contact us: